Seth Gilliard ‘Boyfriend’: Young Violinst Does Instrumental Cover Of Justin …

Although Justin Bieber’s strike “Boyfriend” has zero on “Call Me Maybe” or “We Are Young” when it comes to a series of covers and spoofs it’s inspired, a strain has still desirous some flattering good renditions — a many famous of them being, of course, a creepy fan video that developed into a “overly trustworthy girlfriend” meme.

Now, a new — and totally astonishing — orchestral cover of a Biebs by 22-year-old violinist Seth Gillian is a classiest cocktail cover given Five Piano Guys did “What Makes You Beautiful.” Check out Gillian’s considerable low-pitched skills in a video above to knowledge Bieber as you’ve never listened him before.

Do we like Gillian’s chronicle of “Boyfriend”? Which cocktail strain would we many like to see get a exemplary cover? Tell us in a comments next or twitter @HuffPostTeen!

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  • TaeBrooks

    Is it usually us or is there something in Tae Brooks’ eyes that reminds we a lot of Justin? Whether we see a similarity or not, we’re digging this gifted teen’s crooning cover. Follow Tae’s strain a href=”” target=”_hplink”here/a.

  • LauraZocca

    With over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, a voice that could be Colbie Caillat’s twin and a healthy sip of Bieber Fever, it’s no consternation that LauraZocca’s cover of “Die In Your Arms” shot to viral celebrity overnight. Subscribe to her channel a href=”” target=”_hplink”here/a so you’ll never skip a singular one of her swoon-worthy songs.

  • DylanHydeIsAmazing

    Up-and-coming teen thespian a href=”” target=”_hplink”Dylan Hyde/a already has a cocktail star demeanour down, from a gelled hair to a neat blazer. Even better, he has a implausible voice to match. Give his cover a listen and you’ll have “Hyde Pride” (as his fans call it), too!

  • CourtneyRandallMusic

    A small guitar and a embig/em grin gives this honeyed cover an upbeat, lovely vibe. Go ahead, check out a href=”” target=”_hplink”Courtney/a’s cover — we brave we not to dance around your bedroom.

  • miniachilles

    With some-more than 125,000 views in underneath 4 days, it’s protected to contend that Jason Chen is floating adult YouTube with this electric cover. Cue a millions of screaming girls — it’s firm to occur with a voice like his! Check out his channel a href=”” target=”_hplink”here/a.

  • TheJonnieAndBrooke

    Sister act a href=”” target=”_hplink”Jonnie and Brookie/a put a turn on their delivery of “Die In Your Arms.” They sung a symphonic mash-up with “With You” by Chris Brown, accompanied by Jonnie on a piano. Do we like their mix?

  • StantonMusicOnline

    Adam Stanton’s cover brings us true behind to a epoch of Frank Sinatra. Imagine Bieber all grown up, crooning honeyed lyrics into a mike in black and white. Are we bending on Adam Stanton’s aged propagandize glorious yet? We are. Subscribe to his channel a href=”” target=”_hplink”here/a and let a butterflies begin.

  • mlj20111

    Marissa’s honey-sweet voice is a ideal compare for Justin’s smart-alecky lyrics. Watch her renovate from a bubbly seventeen-year-old into a veteran cocktail star as she flirtily sings, “Oh baby, we know it isn’t easy amatory you. But it certain it value a try.” Follow a up-and-coming thespian a href=”″ target=”_hplink”here/a!

  • dramosmusic

    Daniel’s a cappella cover strips Justin’s singular down to usually a basics: a teen with a critical passion for strain and talent to match. His voice is refreshingly transparent and his appetite is contagious. Like what we hear? Check out his channel a href=”” target=”_hplink”here/a.

  • iDejANCE

    The Biebs’ change doesn’t usually extend to musicians. Dancers were desirous by his song, too; within days of the release, a href=”” target=”_hplink”IDA Studios/a in Hollywood expelled this shave of their best dancers behaving a hip-hop routine. We’re impressed! (Not to discuss sceptical — can we take their moves?)

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