How to Plan a Justin Bieber Party

This is the age and stage when girls (and boys too) really treasure and take personal interest in the whole decor as a party theme –and they take the reins too on the planning and executing. Here’s an opportunity to have the lucky Beliebers (or PreBeliebers) share some of their own Justin Bieber party ideas. So whether or not you’re in the know about the Bieb, here’s a way to join in, get with it, and be just in time for a Bieber Ball!

Shoot for the Stars
Used to be that kids wanted to be astronauts, firefighters, or teachers in my ancient days. Today, they want to be rock stars or traveling reporters who get to interview the stars. For tweens, at least the chance to be next to a star is prime. Eight year old Gabriella has been asking since hearing Bieber’s first love song, “how can we invite him to our house?” And the next question was, “What if I send Justin Beaver an invitation to our house?” It’s a good question showing she knows her protocol, and now you can make it official with the amazing Justin Bieber invitations that appear to be a backstage pass! For sure, they are not your ordinary birthday party invitations, but a memento that can be saved, treasured, and talked about. Get them online in many places.

Now the thrilling bubble does not have to burst if the real Justin doesn’t RSVP, because you can get a life-size Bieber for your house guest paparazzi to shoot. These life sized cardboard cutouts with easels are picture perfect, and your guests will no doubt love to strike their poses by his side.

Fun and Games Justin Bieber Style
Who hasn’t seen it a billion times– the super bowl 6G commercial, the blurbs of Justin’s appearances on the Daily Show, and all the impersonations? Use it to the max and plan to have guests do their own impersonations. Along with the more traditional Justin Bieber party supplies, throw in a wig or two, and some clothes (that your tween will pick out as the ones most like those he really wears). Hand out some Rock Star inflatable microphones, available online from the new rush to get out a host of Justin Bieber party supplies. Rock stars in the making may wish to prepare a routine with a song done karaoke style or a capella, or simply a costumed pantomime. G most likely will bring their own cameras, or even video cameras these days. Award prizes for the most beautiful, the weirdest, and the funniest. Plan a Grammy award for each performer. This show might rival the Biebs own new 3D hit!

Now getting back to the atmosphere and decorations, –purple is the reining color throughout the plentiful array of Justin Bieber party stuff online from plastic table covers to the usual plates and cups, napkins, banners, door posters, tattoos, loot bags, and balloons. However you may find some great debates about the purple verses blue–and the truth about the favorites may be found in 2 or 3 easily available cheap paperbacks online such as “Justin Bieber: The Fever!” all about his 16th birthday March 2010, with photos, his dating info, and more, or, “Justin Bieber Get the Scoop” with loads of bio facts and photos. These books can also help with more personalizedBieber party game ideas, other than putting on lipstick and planting kisses on the life-sized poster of him! This is Justin Bieber, after all, an artistic and creative icon, so why not continue on creatively. The tweens may enjoy planning a one scene skit called, an Encounter with Justin, alone or in a group. Hopefully, you or someone can video and certainly photograph for great mementos to put in a goody bag. In this celebration you may want more than just a goody bag, but a cool Bieber tote bag for each guest.

Leave it to Bieber
Don’t laugh, but there are really neat 300 piece poster sized Justin Bieber puzzles available, and at this age a blast from the past with puzzle pieces can be a hoot. There’s a view of him in one puzzle, (maybe in a “fever”), about to take off his shirt, and in another puzzle he’s gazing directly into the beholder’s eyes. Either one of these (and a few other choices too) are available online. And, they can go into the tote bags for taking home.

For an interim sit down moment, you can organize a game of “guess how many words in Justin Bieber’s name.” Word generator online can help you print out the entire list of nearly 500.

Adding in a bit of “do-it-yourself” art to round out the party ideas for a take home gem, you may wish to order some nice sized, 42 inch blow up rock star guitars. These can be designed and decorated with permanent markers or stick on gemstones.

How’s this for another Bieber-licious party game idea: “What’s in the Name?” Most everyone has not just their given name today, but their email names, their avatar names, and the names that they might like to call themselves. Apparently Justin has been reported checking into motels under the name Chandler Bing. What’s the vote on this, and what are some other possibilities for him? (Or for your own secret celebrity name!)

Have your Cake and JB Too!

Whether this event is a birthday party or other celebration, you have to have treats and sweets. For a centerpiece cake you can get edible cake icing picturing none other than this newest hot sensation. Online Justin Bieber party supplies have the range of items from soup to nuts. Put it on your own homemade cake. Does the hostess know what is this dreamboat’s favorite birthday cake flavor? Maybe something to research!

Microphone cupcakes are always a winner. Just use ice cream cones in the cup variety, top with little cupcakes, frost and coat with black sprinkles.

The truth is, in this day and age of questionable role models for our young girls (and boys) there is nothing wrong with a party featuring this nice “boy next door”. He’s a clean-cut great kid. He’s been documented to have worked hard to develop his talents and loves for music and instruments. His manner is gentle, humble even, in his plethora of appearances with David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Ozzy, or bowling with Selena Gomez.

All Justin Bieber Songs

All of us who are true fans have our own favourite songs anyway, and I guess it’s possible that some of you reading out there may not find your favourite song listed here. Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting about how awesome all of his songs are on their own – I just want you to realise that if they don’t make the list here that is only because it’s just not a song that I consider as one of his biggest hits. I’m not attempting to grade songs here, or create an entire JB song list. I just plan add some information about his most popular hits.

A Justin Bieber song list that focuses on his greatest hits so far, should take into account the commerciality of the song as the primary rating method, while also considering the critical response to the song. These are the two elements I have chosen to rate the songs on, and I’m not saying this is the best way to do it, but it is a logical way to assess them.

So, let’s take a look at the big Justin Bieber hits.

We have 2 albums to work off. My World & My World 2.0

My World – “One Time”

This track was the lead single from My World and was generally well received by the critics and charted sufficiently well, reaching the top 20s.

My World – “One Less Lonely Girl”

Was a little stronger on the charts than “One Time”, and made the Top 15 in the US and rose as high at #10 in Canada. Critically the song was received positively, and has proven to be a huge favourite at concerts.

My World – “Love Me”

The first promo single from the album, did not perform as well as the other two songs above, reaching a top of #12 in Canada and #27 in the US. Having a more electro feel, the song was another highlight on the album

My World – “Favourite Girl”

Charting with similar strength to “Love Me”, this song reached top 15 in Canada, but stalled at #26 in the US. It managed to chart internationally but not significantly. A catchy song, and one of my favourites.

My World 2.0 – “Baby”

A monster hit, and a brilliant pop song co-written by Justin Bieber, “Baby” was a worldwide smash peaking at #3 in Canada and #5 in the US. #3 in Australia and #1 in France and charted very strong in other parts of Europe. It is the biggest hit so far of all Justin Bieber songs. The song showed off Justin’s range and voice quality, and was aided by a guest lyric from label mate Ludacris. An essential in any Justin Bieber song list.

My World 2.0 – “Somebody to Love”

An up-tempo, rhythmical track that charted reasonably well, but couldn’t compare to the pulling power of “Baby” as it was released a full 3 months after it.

My World 2.0 – “U Smile”

Another favourite at the live shows, this song charted well digitally and was featured in the Justin Bieber documentary “Never Say Never”. Was the third single from the album but failed to make the top 10.

Although not an extensive list of all Justin Bieber songs, the above songs make up the strongest offerings from Justin Bieber and give the uninitiated a chance to check out some of the best of the best. A good place to start would be to plug the song titles into YouTube.

Justin Bieber – A Music Star in the Making

According to his Wikipedia entry, Justin grew up in Stratford, Ontario. Jordan loved music and even taught himself how to play piano, guitar, drums and even the trumpet. It wasn’t until 2007 when Bieber got noticed. An inspiring tale for any young new artist, Justin was contacted by a local music record company after they viewed his self-uploaded videos on Youtube.

Soon after his popularity went off the charts as record companies from all over the world came calling. In fact, according to Wikipedia, both Justin Timberlake and Usher competed to sign the young crooner, with Usher’s Island Records wining out. Justin Bieber’s first album, My World, is set to drop on Tuesday, November 17th. The early singles for the album have succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations. According to, One Time and One Less Lonely Girl have both made it into the top 20 pop charts. An amazing accomplishment for any 15 year old artist, let alone a previously unheralded kid from Ontario.

The amazing ride for Justin Bieber doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. With an adoring female fan base and new album, Bieber will now be touring with teen sensation Taylor Swift. This is an incredible opportunity for Justin. Being supported by a star of Swift’s caliber and attitude will only help Bieber adjust to his new found fame and fortune. With all the sorrowful tails of former teen idols, I hope Justin gets the advice and support he needs as his fame and fortune completely change the life he once knew.

The Justin Bieber Concert Tour (2010-2011)

You would think that this kid was a veteran of the business after seeing all that he has accomplished at such a young age, but he is actually just now starting to learn the ins and outs of what make up one of the more lucrative jobs that anyone in the world could have. With this concert series getting underway, he has now become one of the youngest performers of all time to tour the world and sell out some of the largest arenas and stadiums out there. This tour is a landmark for his career after having to spread his music to the world through smaller venues in much less populated cities across the country. His successful campaigning on the internet certainly did not hurt him, either.

This concert tour will start in the middle of September in various parts of Canada and last through the new year when he finishes up in Atlanta. He will be making stops in places that many artists strive to perform and also some places that not many have gotten the chance to play at. This just goes to show you that this kid is something special and he has a fan base that covers the entire US as well as into other parts of North America and Europe. There really is no stopping him at this point in time and there is really no reason to think that his star will be fading out anytime soon.

I would definitely recommend catching this kid on one of his stops around the world because there really is not anything like seeing a Justin Bieber concert in person. The stage prescience that he has and all of the glitz and glamour that you could ever dream about is about what could be said to sum up what a night at one of his shows is like. Add to that all of the celebrity artists that seem to always show up to perform with Justin on stage and at the after show, you really get much more than your money’s worth.